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 Wow! What a year it has been!  Real Estate sales are shaping up to be one of the better years in almost a decade.   

Values 2014 vs. 2015, are still strong and are as follows: Average Indicators for $: Single Family +10%, Multi- Family +12% and Vacant Land +15%. Median Indicators for $: Single Family +7%, Multi- Family +19% and Vacant Land +5%.  Please check out November results from Land Title's November Market Analysis & corresponding graphs. 

JANUARY 13th - 16th Breckenridge will be hosting the 53rd Annual Ullr Fest Celebration of Snow  This annual event has grown and changed over the years but is still one of my favorite Winter celebrations.  With a parade of crazies, a warm bonfire, ice skating parties and oh so much more.

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October 2015 Market Analysis Please note that Land Title data comes from actual recorded transactions at the County Clerk and Recorder’s Office for that particular month.  The information is not directly related to MLS data. The data is an unofficial tabulation of Summit County Records that are believed to be reasonably accurate.  If you choose to utilize this marketing information in any publications or websites, please make sure you are quoting Land Title as your source. You are welcome to utilize this link within your own websites. October 2015 Highlights:

  • Market Analysis by Area for October:  October was another month with upward trends for real estate transactions in Summit County.  There was $156,891,050 in monetary volume and 284
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May 2015 Market Analysis
May 2015 Highlights:

  • Market Analysis by Area for May: May real estate in Summit County was another great month! There was $116,330,500 in monetary volume and 205 transactions.The average transaction price for all reported 18 areas: $573,027, average residential $540,710, median residential $ 435,000 and average PPSF $330.
  • Market Analysis by Area YTD 2015 ( 5 months): YTD- monetary volume was $408,625,385 with 740 transactions. Average transaction price: $557,667, average residential price: $547,799 and Average PPSF: $337.
  • Market Snapshot for Years 2015 vs.2014:  Values continue to be strong and are as follows: Average Indicators for $: Single Family +10%, Multi- Family
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